Steal Princess Survival Guide: SURVIVAL TIP #217

May 14, 2009


You’re surrounded by gigantic
spiders, their massive fangs quivering with excitement at the thought of
envenomating your soft, vulnerable flesh. All around you is their sticky
webbing, daring you to make a mistake and become entangled. Should you cry for
help? Play dead? Try to lull the spiders to sleep with a lullaby? None of the
above, friends! Instead, open your handy dandy Steal Princess Survival Guide and
let us tell you how to make it out alive!

Every now and then, we try to reward
loyal Steal Princess Survival Guide readers with a little something extra.
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Survival Tip# 217: How to
confront multiple giant spiders.

  1. Resist the urge to freeze in
    terror. This will likely result in envenomation and death.

  2. Assess your surroundings; avoid
    being cornered. You will need space to avoid their webs.

  3. Draw your weapon and swing. Be
    sure to keep both eyes open ( or one eye, if you wear a patch).

  4. Focus on one spider at a time.
    Reducing their numbers will help your chances of survival. .

  5. Move in to attack and then retreat
    quickly. This makes you a harder target ( you also look better).

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