Startopia Web Cam Goes Live


makes gaming history with the first ever games web cam…


a new Startopia screenshot live every 60 seconds, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week


on the "Open cam in it’s own window" for a mini window that you can
leave running on your desktop.



takes you to a once thriving galactic network of starships, space stations and
planets left lifeless after an apocalyptic war. Your aim is to rebuild the
network of space stations reuniting the surviving alien races under one


simulation gives you the opportunity to rebuild and successfully maintain a
series of giant Torus (donuts) space stations that are scattered across the
galaxy, providing a suitable home for the many alien races that inhabit space,
and perhaps turning a tidy profit for yourself in the process.


course, there are plenty of other enterprising individuals out there with the
same goals, not to mention the many hazards that exist in deep space. Often
stations are being developed by a number of different life forms and
organisations, and it will only be a matter of time before you need to
confront your opponents. Will you use economic or military means to force out
your opponents? You decide…


Nine primary character races, each with a unique look and function. Each
inhabitant is an individual character, with unique moods, desires and personal
history and humorous character animations.


Fully functioning alien society, with racial animosity and friendships, crime
and punishment, leisure and entertainment, and functioning economy.

Torus (donut) play area gives a unique viewpoint and playable

16 habitable subsections spanning three decks in each space station. 

Bio-deck with editable landscape and manageable ecosystem allowing complete
control of terra-forming. 

Multiplayer support for up to three other stationmasters. 

Varied levels of play, from simple sandbox to detailed station
micromanagement. 40 different facilities to build within the station, many
with customisable layouts and designs. 

Trade and auction goods and services with other players and alien races. 

Research improvements and develop new technologies. 

Simple and intuitive command of security forces for direct conflict with other
players or defence against alien threats.

Indulge in espionage against your opponents with spies, saboteurs, assassins
and mutineers.


new engine, allows dynamically updating reflection mapping, progressive
meshing, specular bump and shininess mapping, atmospheric lighting and
shadowing, and self shadowing objects.


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