Start chugging Mountain Dew because Double XP returns with Halo 4

Looking for a bit of a boost in Halo 4's multiplayer? Well, then start chugging Mountain Dew and living off of Doritos because PepsiCo announced today that Double XP will be returning with Halo 4 "bigger than ever" to give fans the opportunity to experience the next installment of the iconic franchise. 

Starting today, you can register your Xbox LIVE profile at where you'll be able to earn points faster and unlock gear, weapons, and armor more quickly when in multiplayer mode. Double XP will allow you to accelerate more quickly through the Halo 4 specializations by simply drinking Mountain Dew and eating Doritos chips. 

"Halo fans have an unrivaled passion, especially when it comes to multiplayer competition," said 343 Industries GM Bonnie Ross.  "We're excited to work with Mountain Dew and DORITOS to reward that enthusiasm with the biggest Double XP program ever."

"Gaming is in the DNA of DEW Nation," said Brett O'Brien, Vice President of Marketing for Mountain Dew. "We know gamers bring an awesome amount of passion to DEW, and we're excited to help them level-up their Halo experience like never before thanks to Double XP." 

"The DORITOS brand is all about fueling bold experiences – look no further than our legacy in gaming," said Ram Krishnan, vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay North America. "From letting our fans have the opportunity to work alongside Microsoft developers to create their own epic video games to partnering with the biggest games of the year, like Halo 4, DORITOS knows its consumers live for the game and we're all about taking it to the next level."

You'll be able to find Double XP codes on specially-marked packages of DEW and bags of Doritos chips. Once you have a registered account at DEWXP, you can enter the codes to your account (beginning October 15) to load up on matches of Double XP. When Halo 4 is released on November 6, you'll be able to push Double XP matches to your Gamertag on Xbox LIVE to accelerate the accumulation of special gear, weapons, and armor.

Teach diabetes and online noobs who's boss with Halo 4 when you're boosting through the ranks with double XP.