Starship Troopers Ships to Retail



First Printing Includes Limited Edition Poster
and Full-Color Concept Art Book

San Francisco and Minneapolis – (Nov. 15, 2005) –
Leading video game publishers Empire Interactive and Destineer Publishing Corp.
announced today, through a license agreement with Sony Pictures Consumer
Products, that Starship Troopers is now shipping for the PC to retail outlets
nationwide. Starship Troopers fans will want to get their copies early, as the
first printing will include a limited edition poster and a 40 page full-color
concept art book.

As an elite Marauder in the Mobile Infantry,
gamers will experience palm-sweating, adrenaline-pumping first person
shooter-action, as they try to earn legitimate citizenship, and blast alien
arachnids into oblivion. Surrounded by hundreds of fearsome bug enemies, players
must fight to restore peace, and most importantly stay alive.

Starship Troopers, which is based on the
definitive blockbuster film, introduces a terrifying assortment of enemy bugs
for players to destroy using an impressive range of weapons like the M4 Morita
Rifle and infamous nuke launchers. Players must control their nerves and use
their wit as they move through the game’s frenetic missions, which take them
through varied combat environments such as wide-opened battlefields, abandoned
mines and claustrophobic bug nests.

The game covers the entire Starship Troopers
universe from the classic novel and TV series to the feature films. Actor Casper
Van Dien, who played the brave yet novice Johnny Rico in the film, has been
involved in the game’s production, and adds his voice to the game’s action.

Starship Troopers is rated M for mature and
carries a suggested retail price of $39.99.

Game Features

  • Epic battles featuring 300+ bugs with
    individual AI on screen at once, 20 times more action than gamers have ever
    seen before.
  • 19 different types of non-humanoid enemy bugs
    to encounter.
  • License that covers the whole Starship
    Troopers universe, including the films, classic novel, and TV series.
  • Voice-over commentary by Casper van Dien, aka
    Johnny Rico, now the General Rico.
  • Nine weapons, each with dual function attacks.
    Weapons include the standard Morita rifle (seen in the film) as well as the
    plasma rifle, shotgun and rocket launcher, plus a variety of new and exciting
    items such as intelligent grenades and the infamous nuke launcher.
  • 12 single player levels including a mix of
    huge real-time battles on an epic scale and solo ‘infiltration’ missions.
  • Varied Combat Environments – indoor and
    outdoor levels, including the wide-open battlefields, a secret laboratory,
    claustrophobic bug nests, abandoned mines and lonely outposts.
  • Plus LAN and online modes including death
    match and co-op mode.