Starship Defense is now free for Club Nintendo members

July's been a weird month for Club Nintendo members. The two games that were available for free, Mario Tennis and Electroplankton Rec-Rec, were only put up for a limited time as opposed to the entire month. And while the awesome Nintendo 64 tennis game is still up for a few more days, the DSiWare download has been taken down.

In its place is now Starship Defense. You can redeem this one on DSiWare (on the 3DS) for 150 of your shiny digital Coins. I read a review of the game once, and it was good, so have at it if you're looking for some DSi fun … umm, to play on your 3DS.

Also, regarding that header image I used, do you know how hard it is to find some high quality screens of Starship Defense? Everything is so blurry and ugly! So I was, like, nah, I'll just post this visually pleasing picture of kittens!

You're welcome.

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