Starpeace Back Online

Starpeace Back Online

Starpeace  is back online.
After being taken off line at the beginning of last year by then publisher sega,
starpeace has been brought back online and reverted to it’s original name (sega
renamed it Legacy Online). A deal was reached in December 2004 with the original
developers Oceanus Communications to allow Pugland to continue the development
of the game.

The game has been running for a
month now with a small number of players to make sure the game was running
properly. Now that this test has been done the game is now ready for the mass
market again. There is currently one Commercial worlds available for
subscribers, with new players getting a free 7 day trial. There is also a
completely free world available which is used for testing new additions to the

Over the next few months Pugland
will be working on developing the next version of the game, Starpeace 2. In this
development there will be several additions and changes. First off the buildings
in the game are to be changed completely. The current set has a lot of products
lumped together, for example fresh food, which in the change will be transformed
into individual products like grain, apples etc etc. This will give the game
more of a realistic feel to it and allow easier addition of new buildings and
products at a later date.

The Illegal Business component which
was never added to the game will get completed and added for certain worlds.
This additional component allows players to get evil with fellow players by
robbing there stores, demolishing roads or even assassinating mayors and
presidents. This should give the game a gangster’s feel though won’t get put on
every world.

Finally a 3D viewer is to be
developed for the game to work in tandem with the isomeric interface with the
game. Initially this will only show the world map with the buildings in them but
at a later date to include additional games like a quake style online mini game.