Starhawk 1.3 Beta Update releasing today

The Starhawk 1.3 Beta Update is releasing today, Sony Europe announced.

With it comes a brand new 32-player map known as "Planet Dust" kicking the already intense 8 vs 8 gameplay up a notch.  Also added to the game are new vehicles to play with – the Sidewinder Jetbike and the OX Heavy Tank.

The Sidewinder Jetbike is "all about speed".  Sony describes it as very hard to and mainly used for "quick hit and run attacks, fast road kills, or swarming the enemy base."

The other new vehicle, the OX Heavy Tank, isn't as fast, but makes up for the lack of speed with armor and fire-power.  The OX Heavy Tank is used for destroying enemy walls and structures via long range bombardments.  It's heavy armored shell allows you to take on assault mechs and survive heavy barrages.

The 1.3 Beta Update is the final step before the game's May 8th launch.  Starhawk's beta will end on March 27th in preparation for its release.  You can download the beta today from PSN.