Stardew Valley is Getting New Content Beyond Just Multiplayer

New events, collections, and profession re-specs to name a few things coming with multiplayer.

Eric Barone, the sole developer responsible for Stardew Valley, has been talking about what he’s been up to since the release of Stardew Valley for Switch. Beyond concepts and ideas, it seems like a new game isn’t quite ready to be talked about. But he did take to Twitter recently to announce new free content for Stardew Valley.

This new content isn’t the already announced multiplayer features either, it’s beyond that. Barone kept the nitty-gritty details secret to not spoil any surprises, but he has revealed that the new content includes a new town event for Winter, a new type of collection for Winter, editable signs, outdoor decorations that change with the season, and more NPC events. You can also find a way to respec professions.

These new additions will arrive on PC first, with a console update soon to follow. With the way it’s been worded, it seems like these updates will come alongside the big multiplayer update. Originally, the beta for multiplayer was expected to be this month but has been pushed back to early 2018 for more detailing.