StarCraft II wobbles following Toy Story 3 gut punch

After an agonizing 12 years of waiting for StarCraft II to be unleashed upon the gaming world, the first two days of retail sales suggested Blizzard’s long-anticipated sequel was the real-time strategy juggernaut we all expected it to be.

However, while shifting 1.5 million copies within 48 hours is a significant achievement, it would appear excitement surrounding the game has already peaked over in the UK – where Toy Story 3 has reclaimed top billing on the weekly ELSPA All Formats chart, deposing StarCraft II in the process.

Sitting pretty atop the UK throne ahead of StarCraft II’s release, Toy Story 3 wrestled its crown back after another strong week of sales built largely on the back of Disney Pixar’s animated feature film of the same name.

Although the multiplatform videogame tie-in of Toy Story 3 hardly qualifies as a AAA heavyweight, it’s no surprise to see the game doing so well when considering that the movie has pulled in some 40 million GBP in the UK since hitting screens two weeks ago.

That said, StarCraft II’s apparent lack of momentum has left it ailing in fourth place on the ELSPA GfK Chart-Track listing, which is only likely to rub salt into an already exposed wound for Blizzard due to the game being eclipsed by the likes of Activision’s dust-covered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Ubisoft’s Dance on Broadway.