StarCraft Universe Kickstarter ends with $84K pledged

Fan-made MMORPG StarCraft Universe didn't reach any stretch goals, but it did end its 30-day Kickstarter campaign fully funded, meaning we'll be getting an open beta release, the first act of the original storyline, as well as the final act of the story.

For those unfamiliar, StarCraft Universe runs as a mod to StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty, but is redesigned as third-person MMORPG. It features a persistent system to customizable characters and weapons, vehicles and mounts (including in-combat), item crafting, and an ability system.

Although the Kickstarter has officially ended, Upheaval Arts,  the official company of lead developer Ryan "Kreation" Winzen, is still seeking support to fund the stretch goals that include a zerg character class at $100,000, and a MOBA inspired PvP zone and female character models for all classes at $135,000. The game currently has just over $84,000 pledged already.