StarCraft 2 custom built arcade stick evolves fightsticks

Get that rush of the real arcade experience, custom fightsticks have been around so to simulate that exact intensity.  These sticks have changed the entire fighting game culture by offering a unique experience and feel to hardcore fighters.  These controllers, in the past have only really been used for the fighting genre though – that is until now.

Shoryuken has built the cross-over arcade stick for StarCraft II as part as a fan-based content.  The real time strategy genre has never experienced a controller like this.  Even when RTS games are ported for consoles, the controller feel just doesn’t do justice to the mouse and keyboard.  With this new stick, the whole RTS experience will become very very different.     

The keyboard aspect of this keyboard enlarges the main buttons you need for StarCraft II such as CTRL, SHIFT, and Spacebar.  Devices recognize this keyboard just like any other US keyboard with no mapping required.  The mouse works as a hemisphere, 2-button, and analog joystick.  This allows for accurate ‘clicking’ which is absolutely necessary for RTS game play. 


This Shoryuken's contest device would give players options.  After all, there are still hardcore players in the fighting circle who still prefer controllers.  This stick won’t be better than a conventional mouse and keyboard but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.  As an RTS player, I can’t see anything pulling me away from what I know but I can guarantee I’d give this thing a whirl.  I doubt they will be mass produced though due to the circumstances.

I like where Shoryuken's head is at on this one – wicked contest.