Starbreeze signs Psychonauts 2 publishing deal, game to release in 2018

It's been a long time coming...

It's been about a year since Psychonauts 2 was successfully backed on the steadily growing crowdfunding platform, Fig. News on the game's progress has been slow, if not non-existent since the game's last update was posted back in October, but that has changed as of today. Starbreeze Studios, the developers behind the PAYDAY series and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons has announced in tandem with Double Fine, that they will be publishing Psychonauts 2 for release in 2018.

An announcement was made on both Starbreeze's website as well as Psychonauts 2's Fig page. The publisher will invest $8 million on top of the $3.3 million that the game earned through its Fig campaign. Double Fine is assuring backers and investors that absolutely nothing has changed in regards to their rewards or investments. Double Fine had in fact, planned from the beginning to bring in a publishing partner, and it just so happens to be Starbreeze Studios.

Double Fine also announced that Psychonauts 2 is still not yet in full production, but that the developers have been experimenting with a bunch of different design choices, such as "what it should look like, how we’ll build it, how it feels to control Raz, what new moves and powers you’ll have, and more!"

It's worth noting that the developers are currently laying out the road map for development on Psychonauts 2 and it appears that the plan in very much in order. Obviously, it's way too soon to give a release window, much less a concrete date, but we will be keeping tabs on this long awaited game in the mean time.

Source: [Starbreeze websiteFig