Star Wars: The Old Republic Enters Guild Alignment Phase

Back in March, BioWare initiated a Pre-Launch Guild Program, where members of the Star Wars: The Old Republic community could get a head start and search for already established guilds or register one of their own through the Guild Headquarters page. After all, people need to be prepared for the full-out war that begins when the game launches. Today, they announced that the second phase of the Pre-Launch Game Program has begun.

Phase 2, titled ‘Alignment’, introduces new features which allow guilds to set their allegiance with other guilds in The Old Republic. As described on their site:

“Now a guild leader, along with members who have the proper permissions, can select up to three guilds as either Allies or Adversaries, depending on their faction affiliation. Qualifying guilds that are marked as Allies and Adversaries of other guilds will have the highest chance of being placed in the game together, allowing these guilds to coexist on the same server.”

This will ensure non-stop guild vs guild pvp action truly depicting the great Sith vs Jedi war that is supposed to ensue.

Another feature being implemented with Phase 2 is the ability for guild leaders and members with the proper permissions to invite friends to join their guild via email. Now you can start recruiting friends to join the fight!

To learn more about guilds in The Old Republic, check out the Guilds Game System page for details.

Hopefully, you successfully align your guild so you can dominate at Huttball.