Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game: Threat of the Conqueror Expansion Now Available

March 16, 2010

Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card
Game: Threat of the Conqueror Expansion Now Available

Protect or Threaten The Galaxy,
The Choice Is Yours

LucasArts and Sony Online
Entertainment (SOE) announced today the release of Threat of the Conqueror, the
latest expansion in the successful Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game. Players
can aid the Alliance Renegade Squadron as they gather intelligence and locate
the Empire’s modified Star Destroyer – dubbed the Conqueror – which holds within
itself the ability to destroy entire planets, or they can take the side of the
Empire’s elite storm commandos as they work to crush the Rebels and ensure the
maiden voyage of the Empire’s newest deadly weapon. No matter what side they
choose, ten new story scenarios will pull them into the fight in this pivotal
battle between good and evil. This new set also brings the ability to boost
gamers’ light or dark side deck with all-new special-forces themed cards, as
well as all-new Bith and Duros avatar race cards.

The Threat of the Conqueror adds
more than 200 new playable cards, including 30 new loot cards, to the Star Wars
Galaxies Trading Card Game, bringing the total number of cards in the game to
more than 1,800. The new playable cards will feature unique keyword abilities

  • Grant “Intel” labeled units
    additional bonus powers when they come into play, allowing for more tactical
    options within a round

  • Enable stacking “Reinforcement”
    bonuses which adds the ability to play additional reinforcement units as the
    length of gameplay increases

In addition, this expansion
introduces new cards to the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game, including:

  • Player-Created Art Cards – The
    Star Wars Galaxies Galactic Civil War Photo Contest winners are unveiled. One
    Rebel-themed winner, one Imperial-themed winner and one neutral-themed winner
    have had their submitted screenshots turned into art cards in Threat of the

  • New Loot Cards – More than 30 new
    special-forces themed loot cards will be available, including the AT-PT Walker
    Vehicle, the Vehicle Garage and the imposing Republic Gunship Vehicle
    Collectible Item.

The Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card
Game marks the first-ever Star Wars® trading card game offered exclusively
online. Available to both current and former Star Wars Galaxies subscribers*,
the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game provides players with an entirely new
gameplay experience by combining the challenge of a trading card game with the
adventures and community of a massively multiplayer online game. Players can
build their own virtual decks to fight in story mode, and participate in epic
one-on-one matches, cooperative heroic encounters and official tournaments.

In addition, all Star Wars Galaxies
subscribers with current, valid, paid accounts in good standing are
automatically eligible to receive five digital trading card booster packs each
month included with their paid Star Wars Galaxies subscription at no additional
cost, providing a quick and easy way for them to build their decks.

Anyone wishing to try the Star Wars
Galaxies Trading Card Game can do so at no charge through a downloadable trial
that includes limited access to a tutorial and practice games with a provided
virtual starter card deck.

The Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card
Game may be also be accessed from inside Star Wars Galaxies and is available to
trial players as part of the Star Wars Galaxies 14-day trial. This trial,
offered at no charge for up to two consecutive weeks, also includes all the
content of the base game, Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided and its first
expansion, Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed. Available by download from
, the 14-day trial gives players a chance to become
a part of the Star Wars galaxy, and meet and fight with or against their
favorite Star Wars characters as they explore this massive online universe
filled with thousands of other Star Wars fans.

More information about the Star Wars
Galaxies Trading Card Game and its seventh release, The Threat of the Conqueror,
along with the game’s trial can be found at