Star Fox 64 3D Won’t Feature Online Play

Details have been shed regarding Star Fox 64 3D, which is set to launch on Nintendo’s new dual screen handheld on July 14 in Japan. During a retailer briefing, the 3DS manufacturer released some product info on the upcoming remake. It didn’t take long for Japanese retailer Tsutaya to post the information on their official Twitter account, the details of which were translated by Andriasang.

According to Nintendo, Star Fox 64 3D will feature Battle mode, N64 mode, and 3DS mode, with the latter utilizing the handheld’s gyro sensor functionality for controlling ships. Meanwhile, battle mode looks to be the standard mode featured in the original Nintendo 64 version of the game. Players will be able to take on other gamers in four-player matches through local cart play on a single game card.

Unfortunately, the game will not feature online multiplayer. Now I know Star Fox 64 became famous for its stellar single-player campaign and enjoyable on-rails shoot ’em up gameplay, but it seems like Nintendo is making a mistake by excluding online play. These days, multiplayer is a feature that’s pretty much expected of console and handheld games, and it’s certainly a shame that players won’t be able to enjoy the mode in Star Fox 64 3D unless they have friends who also own a 3DS and have an equal interest in the game. Though it likely wouldn’t have stolen the spotlight from the game’s primary mode, an online component would have definitely boosted the title’s value even more.

I understand that people play Star Fox 64 for the story and single-player mode. So do I. But even Star Fox Command for the DS featured online multiplayer. And while that game’s mode might have been somewhat limited, it still managed to give gamers a little more bang for their buck.

Star Fox 64 3D will be a great 3DS title due to its reputation as a remake of one of the greatest Nintendo 64 games of all time. That alone is reason enough for gamers to purchase the upcoming title. But you can’t deny the fact that a solid online mode with some new levels and leaderboard integration would have added to the splendor of this title. Let’s hope the folks at Nintendo begin to move away from their play-it-safe mentality and incorporate contemporary features into their games.