Star Wars: The Old Republic hot fix patch 1.0.2b released

Yesterday, BioWare released the official 1.0.2 patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic.  While it contained plenty of bug fixes and tweaks, BioWare missed one particular glitch which made players invulnerable during combat.

News of a dance glitch spread where players could use the "/getdown" emote and become virtually un-killable in combat.  Obviously a major game-breaking bug, BioWare promised it would be fixed.

Staying true to their word, patch 1.0.2b has been deployed and is now available.  Below are the issues which the hot fix addressed:

  • Fixing an issue that causes in-game chat channels to stop functioning for some players.
  • Preventing social emotes (like /getdown) from interfering with combat.

Along with the glitch came rumors of BioWare banning players for exploiting it – turning SWTOR into some MMO version of Footloose.  Thankfully, the devs have confirmed that those rumors were false and that there are no designated "Dance Zones".

For the full 1.0.2 patch notes, check out this page.