Star Wars: The Old Republic game update 1.4 ‘Terror From Beyond’ now available

Star Wars: The Old Republic's newest update, Terror From Beyond, is now available for download. Game Update 1.4 introduces all new high-level group content, new game features, and new gear which you'll need when you come face-to-face with never-before-seen  creatures in the Star Wars universe.

The highlight of the update is the all-new Terror From Beyond Operation located on the remote world of Asation, where an ancient alien race known as the Gree are rumored to be guarding mysterious and dangerous archaic technologies. Catching the interest of the Dread Masters, a group of Sith Lords who have discovered the key to unlocking the ancient Gree Hypergates, this portal will open a passageway to an unknown place filled with unspeakable horror that threatens the entire galaxy.

Other features in the 1.4 update are an improved group finder, legendary Dead Guard Gear, unified colors for companions, and new 'facial expression' emotes that enable a new set of slash commands.

Terror From Beyond is the fourth major game update since Star Wars: The Old Republic went live back in December 2011. Criticized for its lack of end-game content, BioWare and EA have since added tons of new, higher level content, more PvP zones, and a bunch of features that improve the game. And with BioWare introducing a new Free-to-Play option in November, hopefully more players will be around to experience this content.