Star Wars: The Old Republic Allows Exploration With New ‘Galaxy Map’

BioWare just released a new Galaxy Map allowing fans to explore the massive Star Wars galaxy before they traverse it.

"The Star Wars galaxy is massive and you will be able to visit numerous worlds during your travels in the The Old Republic. To give you an early taste of what the experience will be, we’ve added a new feature to the website, allowing you to explore the Galaxy Map for yourself. You’ll get to see the five major sectors of the Known Galaxy, check out profiles of the planets, and even examine interactive models of the player Starships."

The new map, available throught he Holocron allows you to explore the universe in 3D.  The five major sectors include the Coreward Worlds, Hutt Space, Seat of the Empire, Distant Outer Rim, and Unknown Worlds.  Some of the planets included are Tatooine, Hutter, Taris, Coruscant, Alderaan, and much more!

"Stretching across more than 30,000 parsecs, the known galaxy is comprised of billions of star systems. The charting of these systems is of vital importance for both interplanetary travel and for military strategy. The galaxy map provided here is updated with the latest coordinates for heavily trafficked systems as well as other notable worlds of interest."

Along with planetary information, the Galaxy Map also gives information about some of the space ships you can get your hands on.  Get a head start on the enemy by knowing the detailed information about each planet.  You can access the 3D Galaxy Map through the Holonet.