Star Wars: The Force Awakens gets a LEGO prequel mini-series

It's actually pretty darn cute.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens helped Disney bring in the biggest quarterly earning the company has ever seen, which means that Disney needs to pimp out The Force Awakens for all its worth. 

Fortunately, their pimping is coming in a form that we can all appreciate, LEGO. The Disney XD channel is gearing up to bring Star Wars fans a series of animated shorts called The Resistance Rises.

The series will star characters from The Force Awakens, except much blockier and much more animated. The first episode for The Resistance Rises has already aired in the US and will eventually make its way to the UK. 

This mini-series is a nice hold-me-over until the delayed Star Wars: Episode VIII releases. You can check out the full episode above.