Star Wars: Rogue One to be previewed during NBC’s coverage of Rio Olympics

New trailer inbound!

A brand new Star Wars: Rogue One trailer will be revealed on NBC this Thursday, during the broadcaster's primetime coverage of the Rio Olympics.

The preview trailer above only lasts for thirty seconds but, surprisingly, it does offer some new shots for fans to take a look at. 

Now, despite the confirmation that Darth Vader will play a part in this new Star Wars story, he doesn't feature in the preview above. 

There has been a constant flood of rumors in regards to Darth Vader teaming up with The Emperor in this movie, however there has been no sign of Darth Sidious within the movie's promotional material thus far, which does cast a doubtful cloud over his return.

But, it's not entirely impossible at this stage. After all, the movie hits our screens on December 14th, so it is still early days. We could even see The Emperor pop up on Thursday, you just never know.