Star Wars Episode 8 title might have been revealed by trademark


Star Wars: Episode VIII officially began production in February 2016 and was working under the mysterious name of "Space Bear." A new trademark, filed by Lucasfilm Ltd., could have outed the official name of the upcoming film. 

The European Union Intellectual Property Office received a trademark request back in August for the words 'Forces of Destiny.' The trademark was filed for a number of goods, including 'motion picture films,' DVDs, printed materials, leather goods, clothing, games, playthings and plenty more.

With all of these items, being under the trademark's name, it seems likely that these are all promotional materials and post-release fan service items. In addition to that, Forces of Destiny sounds like a pretty good follow-up to 'The Force Awakens.'

The working title for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was 'Foodles,' a title that didn't give us any real hints as to what the film's title ended up being. If the official name is 'Forces of Destiny' then Space Bear lived up to its predecessor by not hinting at much either.

Then again, Forces of Destiny could be a Star Wars book or something.

Star Wars Episode 8 is set to release on December 15th, 2017.

[via GamesRadar]