Star Wars Battlefront’s January DLC leaked


Update: A DICE developer has commented on the DLC, says there's no map coming in January. More info here.

While DICE and EA are staying quiet on the subject of January's content update, EA Brazil accidently released a video detailing what's coming to Star Wars Battlefront this month. While the video was swiftly removed, Redditors were able to detail on content would be included in the update.

January's DLC is reported to be a free content drop like last month's Battle of Jakku DLC, and will feature new maps, costumes and more (as detailed below):

  • New map: Tatooine.
  • New clothes for Luke and Leia based on the movies.
  • Daily Challenges.
  • Private Matches.
  • Special Community Events.

EA is aware of the leaked information, but is choosing not to further elaborate on the DLC at the moment. "We're excited to share more details on the new weapons coming Star Wars Battlefront soon," wrote EA on Twitter

All we have to do is wait then!