Star Wars Battlefront reveals new Death Star gameplay trailer

I have you now....

Star Wars: Battlefront is still relevant despite the initial disappointment from the game's release. The next expansion will be taking players to the dreaded Death Star, and will be launching this Tuesday for Season Pass owners. To get ready for the release, EA has released an all-new trailer showcasing each of the expansion's three phases new mode, Battle Station.

The Battle Station mode begins with the Rebels and Imperials going head to head, with the focal point being to Destroy/Defend a Star Destroyer. Once that battle is completed, the fighting moves into the hallways and hangars of the Death Star as infantry blast each other to bits while the Rebels attempt to recover R2-D2 from the clutches of the Imperials. Phase 3 recreates the old trench run, as Luke Skywalker and the Rebels fend off the Imperials as they try to launch Proton Torpedoes into the Thermal Exhaust Port to destroy the Death Star.

DICE has continued to support Star Wars Battlefront post launch with some content updates and expansions, and they aren't done yet. The final expansion will have content based on the upcoming movie, Rogue One, and the game now features an offline mode for players who just want to play on their own.

Source: [YouTube]