Star Wars Battlefront II May Have Star Card Booster Crates Despite Loot Box Controversy

We won't have loot boxes. Except for these loot boxes, apparently.

Star Wars Battlefront II has some massive controversy tethered to its ankles. No gamers tend to like the existence of microtransactions, but what truly kicked off the controversy was the Belgium Gaming Commission considering, and eventually deciding to classify Battlefront II's loot boxes as gambling.

In response to the consideration, DICE removed microtransactions from the game temporarily. The fact that it was temporary may lead many to believe they were looking for another way to implement additional purchase content that circumvents BGC's ruling. It seems that has come to be true, given the latest revelation of a hidden menu in Battlefront II's data.

A new video from YouTuber DylanRocket reveals the hidden menu, which reveals rewards for completing weekly faction challenges. These rewards seem to be called Star Card Booster crates.

The wording seems to lead to them being available similarly to the now-disabled microtransactions, and according to Reddit user kravguy, who's revealed accurate information on the title in the past, these crates will work similarly to current loot crates.

Regardless of any back peddling, the controversy over microtransactions has negatively impacted EA and DICE, seeing EA's stock value dropping sharply after the controversy. GameZone's Mike Wewerka calls it "A beautiful mess", scoring it a 6/10.