Star Wars Battlefront has sold over 14 million copies

Despite the criticism, Battlefront has proven to be quite lucrative

EA has released its latest financial report, and suffice it to say, they are doing quite well. Apparently, Star Wars: Battlefront has a lot to do with that. According to their estimates, Battlefront has shipped over 14 million units while expanding the company's player base. EA estimates that 15% of Battlefront's players were new to EA products.

Star Wars: Battlefront was not the only franchise to do well either (obviously). The Battlefield franchise saw over 9.4 million unique users during the fourth quarter of the fiscal year. 

Mobile games were also a huge source of success for EA as it turns out that they were the #1 most downloaded publisher in the 2015 calendar year. Madden NFL Mobile also saw a growth in its player base by 30% compared to last year's fourth quarter. 

Perhaps this explains EA's decision to launch a mobile version of NBA Live in 2016 ahead of the next iteration, which has been pushed to 2017.

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