Star Wars: Battlefront 3 was ‘99% finished’

That blasted 1%. That's all that supposedly held back the highly sought-after Star Wars: Battlefront 3 from release. Fans eager to see the game's release have put up with leaked gameplay footage and rumors, only to now find out that the game was a measly 1% away from being released.

Speaking with gamesTM magazine, Free Radical co-founder Steve Ellis revealed Battlefront 3 "just needed bug fixing for release", but was unfortunately "canceled for financial reasons."

“It felt like we had turned a corner as a company,” Ellis explained. “We had had a dark period during the development of Haze, we’d had problems with our tech and we’d had some growing pains as we expanded to the size we needed to be, but it really felt like we were finally coming out of the other side intact."

"We were making a game with very high ambition. You could start a battle on the ground, jump into a ship and fly into space, continuing on to dock in a capital ship and continue the battle there. We’d had to build all kinds of new tech and overcome numerous technical challenges and limitations but we had done it."

“We had a 99% finished game that just needed bug fixing for release. It should have been our most successful game, but it was canceled for financial reasons. I’m happy that people did at least get to see what we were working on and share the team’s enthusiasm for it," Ellis concluded.

The question remains, however, as to why Battlefront 3 was canceled.