‘Star Wars Attack Squadrons’ domain names registered by Disney’s LucasFilm

Disney has registered multiple domains for something titled Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, presumably a yet-to-be-announced project. Spotted by Fusible, the company registered the following domains:

  • attacksquadron.org (WHOIS)
  • attacksquadron.us (WHOIS)
  • attacksquadrons.org (WHOIS)
  • attacksquadrons.net (WHOIS)
  • attacksquadrons.us (WHOIS)
  • attacksquads.org (WHOIS)
  • attacksquads.net (WHOIS)
  • attacksquads.us (WHOIS)
  • starwarsattacksquadrons.org (WHOIS)
  • starwarsattacksquadrons.net (WHOIS)
  • starwarsattacksquadrons.us (WHOIS)
  • starwarssquad.org (WHOIS)
  • starwarssquad.net (WHOIS)
  • starwarssquad.us (WHOIS)
  • starwarssquadrons.org (WHOIS)
  • starwarssquadrons.net (WHOIS)
  • starwarssquadrons.us (WHOIS)
  • starwarssquads.org (WHOIS)
  • starwarssquads.us (WHOIS)
  • swattacksquadron.org (WHOIS)
  • swattacksquadron.us (WHOIS)
  • swattacksquadrons.org (WHOIS)
  • swattacksquadrons.net (WHOIS)
  • swattacksquadrons.us (WHOIS)

The big question is: what exactly is this related to? Is Star Wars: Attack Squadrons related to a game, film, television show, or possibly all three?

It's worth noting that Electronic Arts is the current owner of the domain AttackSquadron.com, which it registered back in March 2000. EA updated the domain on March 27 of this year, two months before the exclusive Star Wars video game partnership with Disney was announced.

Is it just a coincidence that LucasFilm registered these similar domains, or are the two working on a possible movie/video game tie-in?