Star Wars 1313 was Boba Fett’s chance to shine

Star Wars fans from all over the planet let out a collective groan when The Walt Disney Company announced that it would be discontinuing production on any existing LucasArts projects. This, of course, included Star Wars 1313, a game that fans had been anxiously anticipating since it was announced in 2012. 
Details about 1313 have been slowly leaking out of the Disney bunker, but they only serve to remind us that we may never actually get to play this game. And, just to twist the knife, today IGN revealed that their staff was able to check out a 15-minute demo starring everyone's favorite bounty hunter: Boba Fett. 
According to IGN, the demo revolved around a chase sequence that led Fett through a massive marketplace. The scene included several Uncharted-like platforming sequences, and ended with a Trandoshan in handcuffs. Very little was actually revealed about 1313's storyline, but we do know that Tauntauns were being used to smuggle spice for the game's mafia families.  
It all sounds amazing, but we'll probably never get to play it. 
There is a sliver of hope, though. EA and Disney recently signed a development agreement regarding Star Wars. This means that Electronic Arts could potentially polish off Star Wars 1313, but there have been no indications that EA is interested in the franchise.