Star Wars 1313 trademark abandoned by Disney

It looks like Star Wars 1313, the intriguing third-person shooter centered on Boba Fett, is done. After months of speculation about the state of the game following Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm Ltd., it appears as though the company has given up on it — failing to renew the title's trademark late last year.

Over on the United States Patent and Trademark Office Star Wars 1313 is currently classified as "Abandoned because no Statement of Use or Extension Request timely filed after Notice of Allowance was issued."

The fate of Star Wars 1313 immediately came into question after Disney had decided to shut down the LucasArts division. While we initially heard the game had been unaffected, it was then later reported that it was put on hold. The lack of renewal doesn't mean Star Wars 1313 is done for good, but it at least suggests that the game isn't on Disney's or Electronic Arts' radar. There's still a chance the trademark could be revived but with EA-owned DICE working on a new Battlefront and the publisher's other studios working on unannounced Star Wars projects, I don't see that happening.