Star Trek, the video game, takes co-op action where no man has gone before

If you’re in love with the new cinematic Star Trek movies, I can’t even fathom how you wouldn’t like the new Star Trek video game. Due out in late April, this co-op heavy adventure puts you into the shoes of Kirk and Spock. With Kirk you have the whole ‘cowboy up’ run and gun tactics like you’d expect out of the captain. Then there is Spock, who plans first and approaches with stealth. Sneaking up and Vulcan neck pinching will probably never get old.  

The moral of this story is that you need to find a devoted gaming Trekkie who will want to play the opposite roll as you. And find them before April. Personally, I’d rather take the Spock approach. Any Kirks out there want to hunt down some galactic scum and hit on all the bright colored alien women? I know you do. Check out the video above and set your phasers to awesome!