Star Citizen hits $15 million in crowdfunding

It's hard to believe that in April, the space-trading and combat simulator Star Citizen had raised $9 million. But it's even more incredulous that the game is now worth over $15 million in crowdfunding.

Cloud Imperium Games raised the money through both Kickstarter (passing $2 million) and the game's own website, Robert Space Industries. And donations actually reached a new high last month with a total of $3,099,816.

The milestone unlocks a new flyable ship class, the escort carrier, and earns backers a digital 42-page Upgrade Handbook manual with their copy of the game.

At $16 million, Cloud Imperium will introduce an Arena mode and a free laser pistol for backers. The developer announced a new stretch goal for $17 million, which includes a ship upgrade package reward that contains an engine modifier and another flyable class, the battlecruiser.

Star Citizen is the most successful crowdfunding project to date. The game is set to release for PC in late 2014.

Source: Eurogamer