Star Citizen funding climbs to $9 million total

After reaching more than $2 million in crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the Star Citizen developer kept donations open via its Roberts Space Industries website. It now has a pool of $9 million from both sources combined.

That's an increase of $1 million since mid-February. Star Citizen has now achieved all of its stretch goals.

Cloud Imperium Games recently opened a new studio in Santa Monica, California, in addition to those in Montreal, Austin, and Los Angeles. And with the extra cash, why not? Each branch is handling different key features of the game.

"Over the weekend we sold over 2,000 new copies of the game and 1,800 Aurora LXes," wrote director Chris Roberts in an update. "Existing Aurora pilots bought 1,100 LX upgrade packages, achieving the first $9M stretch goal in short order!"

With crowdfunding changing the way developers can make games — by circumventing the traditional publisher model — others may learn from Cloud Imperium's success story.

Star Citizen has been in development for over a year.


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