Star Citizen completes its Kickstarter funding with 26 days left

Star Citizen has reached its half-million funding goal on Kickstarter with 26 days remaining.

Game designer Chris Roberts, who created the Wing Commander series, is back with a new PC gaming experience. Star Citizen gives players a constantly growing, dynamic universe to explore, allowing them to pursue jobs as smugglers, pirates, merchants, bounty hunters, or pilots. They can also create their own content with modding tools.

Star Citizen promises 10 times the detail of current triple-A games — at 100,000 polygons minimum compared to the 10,000 or 30,000 seen in current-gen blockbuster titles. It also uses Crytek's award-winning CryEngine 3 technology.

"Today’s game publishers, like their Hollywood counterparts, want predictable returns from sequels to last year’s hits," the Kickstarter page reads. "A game in an out-of-favor genre, set in an original universe, is viewed as a bad investment. And the concept of developing a new product exclusively for the PC sends publishing executives and most venture capitalists running for the exits.

"Star Citizen is meant to be everything you ever dreamed you could have in a space-sim, all in one glorious ever-evolving package."

The campaign has nearly 12,000 backers. It's a source of secondary funding for the developer since the Roberts Space Industries website was having trouble handling traffic from donors. The site indicates that 67 percent of its $2 million goal has been reached, with $1.4 million raised on that site alone — bringing the actual funding (with Kickstarter donations) closer to the final mark.

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