Stained shattering glass on PC this September, demo out now

Indie studio RealAxis Software has announced that its upcoming puzzle platformer Stained will hit the PC this September. Specifically, you'll be able to download it through Impulse and Desura starting September 14. Additionally, a Steam version will be submitted through Greenlight once that platform is up and running.

You can check out a bit of Stained for yourself, as RealAxis has also launched a public demo for the game. You can download the demo straight from the official website.

I had the chance to play an early build of Stained last month, and it looks like RealAxis is really trying to deliver a 2D platforming experience that's high on challenge (in the good way). Check out GameZone's preview of the upcoming indie title and be sure to play the demo to get a closer look at Stained.

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