Stained gameplay trailer shows off the game’s updated look

Indie developer RealAxis Software has launched a new gameplay trailer for Stained, the studio's upcoming puzzle platformer. The trailer shows off a few of the areas last seen when we previewed the game back at the start of the month in addition to some new stages, with everything having received some nice aesthetic touches.

Specifically, the game just looks a lot prettier than it did before. There's more detail in the game's environments, and the hooded protagonist received a bit of a makeover, as well. Additionally, the character movements and animations seem to flow a bit smoother, which is always great news.

Stained looks to deliver some fun and challenging 2D puzzle platforming gameplay across 3D levels with plenty of combat to keep players challenged. And with some major bosses and enemies made of stained glass that can become entirely new creatures, there's sure to be a big task ahead for gamers.

An exact release date for Stained hasn't been announced, but the game is due out later this year, and RealAxis let us know that a launch date will be announced soon. Watch out for the game on PC. We'll be reviewing it right here on GameZone, so stay tuned for that, as well!

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