SSBB Gets Waluigi Through Hack

A group of gamers has decided to create a hack that allows you to play as Waluigi in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. These fine folks have taken the time to both give him the moves he uses as an Assist Trophy, as well as a completely original set of attacks. Everything from strikes to Smash attacks to grapples has been designed for Waluigi, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't impressed.

It's obvious that these gamers spent a good deal of time making Wario's partner in crime. It's also obvious that they don't really care about Pit from Kid Icarus, because he's the one they chose to replace with their hack. Hey, one of these fighters had to take one for the team, right?

If you want to check out Waluigi in action, you can do so on YouTube. If you're a big Smash Bros. fan, prepare to be amazed and impressed, because the Waluigi hack is pretty damn awesome. He actually plays like a legit character, has his very own Final Smash, and he even sports a custom dodge animation!

The YouTube video also includes links for downloading Waluigi, though depending on which hack you use, you may have to get rid of Pit. If only they would have allowed Waluigi to replace Mr. Game & Watch. I'd be all over that hack in a split second. I really hate Game & Watch!