Square Enix Action-RPG NIER Arrives at Retail Stores

Square Enix, Inc announced that the highly-anticipated Action-RPG NIER is now available at North American retailers nationwide for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

NIER presents the despairing story of a world afflicted by an apocalyptic plague and a father’s desperation to protect his daughter from the dark denizens of this frightening future. Armed with mighty weapons and powerful magic, players take control of the title character, Nier, as he battles alongside formidable allies against waves of enemies and giant bosses in an effort to discover the truth about the plague, his daughter…and himself.

“NIER’s unusual characters, mesmerizing storyline and engaging Action-RPG gameplay have tantalized gamers for months leading up to today’s release,” said Ami Blaire, Vice President, Marketing of Square Enix, Inc. “What exactly is the Black Scrawl? Who is this Shadowlord? And, what role will Nier play in his world’s eventual salvation…or destruction? Now gamers can finally sink their teeth into the finished product, and uncover the countless intriguing mysteries that this game has to offer.”