Square Enix will roll out weekly content for Dragon Quest X

Producer Yosuke Saito announced that Dragon Quest X will receive weekly updates with additional storylines and quests.

The team will work on releasing new content after DQX debuts in Japan on August 2. About 10 weeks after the date, Square Enix will launch a large-scale version with more systems and gameplay elements.

Players can roam the game's world for two hours a day — in different timeframes for kids and adults — but those interested in a longer stay will need to purchase a month's subscription at 1,000 yen ($13).

Dragon Quest X is coming to both Wii and Wii U, but has yet to be confirmed for North America or other regions. Considering the MMORPG is one of the biggest third-party title for the Nintendo's aging console, and given that Dragon Quest is also a popular franchise in the West, it's likely to come stateside.

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