Square Enix to Bring More Mobile Games West, Including Dissidia and Star Ocean

The mobile market is in Square Enix's sights

From a recent presentation inside Square Enix, NeoGAF user Edge_Maverick found some details about their mobile gaming sector. User Nirolak dives into the specifics, finding some positive notes on the matter.

Square Enix is known for only bringing their most successful mobile games from Japan over to the West. Additionally, of these successful titles, only the ones from brands that the West would already recognize are brought over. Two such titles of theirs would fit this definition: Star Ocean: Amnesis and Dissidia: Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia. 

From the holdings meeting:

"Q: What will drive earnings in FY2018/3?

Smart Devices: We are hard at work on development efforts leveraging both new
and existing IP ahead of launches slated for FY2018/3. We will also continue to
bolster our overseas offerings, including to China and the Western markets. 

In the Smart Device sub-segment, we launched “STAR OCEAN” in 3Q and “DISSIDIA
FINAL FANTASY” in 4Q. Based on their strong start, we have high hopes for the way

Could this open a new market for Square Enix in the West? Will we see more mobile games in the future? Nintendo has been doing this with Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes with pretty solid success so far.