Square Enix teases us with a screenshot of Mevius Final Fantasy

I don’t know what it is, but I love it

You’re probably not alone if you're asking yourself ‘what the hell is Mevius Final Fantasy.' The reason you’ve possibly never heard of this game is that it’s only been announced to be coming out in Japan this spring. Aside from having Yoshinori Kitase as a producer and Kazushige Nojima as the writer, not much is known about the game.

It's a mobile title, due out for iOS and Android devices.The character design, art, colors, side bars – really everything, have a pretty neat appeal to them. It's being made by Square Enix and definitely looks the part. Hopefully we’ll get more than just this screen shot in the near future. Hell, hopefully we’ll even get a North American release date some time. Here’s hoping.

FF Mevius