Square Enix teases new game for Summer 2012, hints of Final Fantasy in trailer

A mysterious website for a secret Square Enix project has been discovered teasing what looks to be a new game.

The website doesn't contain many details about the secret title, but there was a short teaser video.

Judging from the video, I think it's safe to assume that the new Square Enix game will be a new RPG of some sort. 

The video and website are only in Japanese, but according to translations from Andriasang, the video lists a number of keywords like crystal and summons along with the names Odin, Titan, and Diablos (three summonable monsters from the Final Fantasy series).  Could the new game be related?

Masaki Hirooki and Yusuke Naora are credited with the illustrations in the video.

There is a countdown clock on the website that currently has 158 hours remaining, or a little over six days.  We don't know what the countdown signifies, but perhaps some more details coming next week?  The website teases a date of Summer 2012, presumably the release date.