Square Enix refutes leaked Kingdom Hearts 3 release date


Square Enix has been taking care not to stick to any idea of a release date for the upcoming addition to the Kingdom Hearts series, but one of the voice actors for the game has other ideas. Bill Farmer, the voice of Goofy, Tweeted out a release window for the game – only to have it refuted by the developer (also on Twitter).

Twitter is a great place, it offers fans the ability to ask developers and voice actors questions about up and coming games and the developers can answer the questions directly. A majority of the time the response from developers/actors/team members are vague…Sometimes they aren't vague and they accidently out information.

A fan asked Farmer if he could say whether or not the voice recordings for Kingdom Hearts 3 were complete and Farmer responded that recordings have been completed and that the game is "supposed to come out later this year." In this moment, fans around the world died of excitement. His Tweet has since been delete and refuted by Square Enix. Check out Farmer's Tweet below:

Kingdom Hearts 3 tweet

In response to the fanaticism, Square Enix took to they very place the excitement begin to quell any hope Farmer could have created. Square Enix's Tweet has the company standing by no release date.

While Square Enix is taking this approach, the placeholder release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 is still set for December 31, 2015 on Amazon. The plot thickens.

What do you think? When will Kingdom Hearts 3 release?

[Image Source: GameSpot]

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