Square Enix Celebrates 30 Years of Final Fantasy with Commemorative Wines

Three words: Summons. Themed. Wine.

Square Enix is on a roll with the announcements today. With Final Fantasy IX coming to PlayStation 4 and a new game they're publishing from Metal Gear Solid artist Yoji Shinkawa, Square Enix isn't quite done with today. They've announced that Final Fantasy's 30th anniversary is going to be celebrated in a very special way in the form of wine.

Raise your glasses to 30 years of Final Fantasy with the limited edition "Ifrit Rouge" and "Shiva Blanc". That's right, Final Fantasy themed wine, because the series is plenty old enough to drink.

According to Square Enix, the two wines, complete with a beautifully designed box to hold the bottle, are both Château des Bois. The Ifrit Rouge is a "red wine with hints of strawberry and other freshly picked fruits, named after the classic FINAL FANTASY summon associated with fire. Shiva Blanc, taking its name from the legendary ice summon, is a well-balanced 2015 Château des Bois white wine that pairs favorably with a wide range of cuisines."

[Credit: moonelf313]‚Äč

Both bottles come with a label and foil with the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary logo, along with the art boxes.

Obviously, the purchase of these bottles is limited to customers of 21 years of age or older. For those who are, the Ifrit Rouge can be found here, and the Shiva Blanc can be found here.

Good news for those who can't buy alcohol, or are otherwise uninterested but still a Final Fantasy fan, there's even more 30th-anniversary merchandise coming:

  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Plush Chocobo™
  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Plush Moogle™
  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Mug
  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Ballpoint Pen Set – Chocobo & Moogle
  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Postcard Set
  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Canvas Tote Bag
  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary T-Shirt (Blue)
  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary T-Shirt (Gray)

More information on these items and more can be found on Square Enix's website.