Spyro Sets Fire To The GameBoy Advance in November 2001!

Spyro Sets Fire to the GameBoy®
Advance in November 2001!

Spyro the Dragon, everyone’s
favorite winged videogame hero, is preparing for his fiery debut on the Nintendo
GameBoy® Advance this November in Spyro: Season of Ice. In anticipation of the
launch, Universal Interactive today released 14 new in-game screenshots that
feature the title’s lush environments and fun-filled gameplay. Developed by
top-rated studio Digital Eclipse, both new game players and devoted fans will be
captivated by the game’s enchanting 3D action/platform adventure.

In Season of Ice, Spyro returns with
a bang, showcasing exciting new spell effects and powers including gliding,
flaming and spitting objects. The title enhances classic Spyro gameplay as well
as offers brand new challenging play modes designed to satisfy gamers of all
ages and skill levels. Players will be in for a flight like no other as they
guide the loveable dragon through 30 new breathtaking environments including the
Lava Prairie, Hummingbird Village, Roman Holiday and the Space Age Speedway.

The Spyro series of games is one of
the best-selling character-based franchises to date with a remarkable 7 million
units sold worldwide.