Spring Update Re-Energizes Classic Mmorpg Ashen Empires

June 16, 2008


Developer Iron Will Games
introduces Factions and PVP Island

Developer Iron Will Games recently
released the latest update to Ashen Empires, a classic fantasy MMORPG. The
update focuses on the struggle between good King Lotor and the fallen Knight,
Talazar. As part of this battle, players may now pledge their allegiance to one
side or the other and participate in server-wide city sieges.

The update has also brought the
revolutionary PVP Island, a winner-takes-all battle royale. Once an entrance fee
has been paid contestants are sent to the remote island where they must battle
their way to the top in an anything goes free for all competition. Players can
earn tokens by defeating another player. There’s no limit on how much can be
won; time on the island ends when a player leaves willingly or is eliminated.

In addition to Faction and PVP
content, the game now boasts new art for the grass and trees, several new
quests, and additional starting area content. Bill Money, the Lead Designer and
co-founder of Iron Will Games, explains, “We took a break from working on the
upcoming expansion Tides of Fate to add this content and give our players
something new and exciting.”

About Ashen Empires Ashen Empires is
a classic fantasy MMORPG and one of the few games that gives its players the
freedom to role play with complete control over the character creation process.
Since launching in 2005 the game has seen 2 expansions and several updates, with
a third expansion (Tides of Fate) currently in development. For more information
visit www.ashenempires.com  o