Sports Illustrated Models Get Behind the Wheel in Need for Speed: The Run

EA has revved the engines of gamers everywhere with an exclusive marketing partnership between Need for Speed and Sports Illustrated.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover model Irina Shayk and popular Swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen play guest starring roles in Need for Speed the Run.  The models star as best friends and rival racers competing against Jack, the protagonist and “man on the run”, in a race of a lifetime across the country to New York City.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Sports Illustrated to deliver the biggest, fastest, and sexiest entertainment event of the holiday with Need for Speed The Run,” said Steve Seabolt, Vice President of Global Brand Partnerships at EA. “With a global reach and a quality standard that’s comparable to what we achieve in our games, Sports Illustrated makes the perfect partner. Gamers, racers and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit aficionados alike will love seeing Irina and Chrissy transform from the physical to the digital world, playing lifelong friends competing in a heart-pounding race from San Francisco to New York.”

As part of the partnership, Sports Illustrated and Electronic Arts are producing “The Making of Need for Speed The Run” DVD which will be included in a Sports Illustrated subscription offer whereby new subscribers will receive a six month All Access subscription to SI, Need for Speed The Run video game, and the DVD (for $49.95).

“There are only a few companies that deliver upon the promise of excitement and innovation with every new product launch and EA stands at the top of that list. This is why it is very exciting that SI Swimsuit will be part of the latest edition of the Need for Speed franchise,” said Frank Wall, Vice President and Publisher of Sports Illustrated. “I’m sure that the millions Swimsuit fans will be excited to see Irina and Chrissy behind the wheel and millions more will be introduced to franchise in a fun and unexpected way.”

Need for Speed The Run will be available November 15, 2011 in North America and November 17, 2011 in Europe for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Wii, and Nintendo 3DS.

Allows you to craft dwarvin minions to aid in battle.

This mod allows you to use the forge to make blueprints for dwarvin constructs. The blueprints are under the miscellaneous section of the crafting menu. The blueprints work like scrolls and let you make dwarven spiders, spheres, and guardians. Each dwarven construct takes different items to make them and different ranks of blacksmithing.

-Mini Spider: Small and easy to destroy, but very easy to make.
(Requirements: Leather and Steel Smithing; 1 Dwarven Ingot, 1 petty soulgem, and 2 steel ingots)

-Spider Protector: Bigger version of the spider that is tougher and can carry 300(weight).
(Requirements: Ancient Knowledge, Dwarvin Smithing; 1 Dwarven Oil, 1 Common Soulgem, 2 Dwarven Gears, 2 Iron Ingots, and 4 Dwarven Ingots)

-Sphere Knight: Higher health and slightly faster than the spider, the knight makes a decent tank and can carry 100(weight).
(Requirements: Ancient Knowledge, Dwarvin Smithing; 1 Dwarven Oil, 1 Dwarven Gyro, 1 Common Soulgem, 2 Steel Ingots, and 5 Dwarven Ingots)

-Centurion Titan: Big and slow, the Titan deals massive damage and take quite a beating, it carries 600(weight)
(Requirements: Ancient Knowledge, Ebony Smithing; 2 Dwarven Oil, 1 Dwarven Centurion Dynamo, 1 Grand Soulgem, and 12 Dwarvn Ingots)

Update: Added real trading, made it more difficult to create the blueprints, now requires "Ancient Knowledge" for Titan, Protector, and Knight. All constructs are now permanent until they are destroyed.

*The reason I am using "Ancient Knowledge" as a prerequesit is for the immersion factor.

Still needing wait and follow functions. Wanting to make some limiters, timers for construct duration or limit the number of titans.

Feedback is always helpful, please let me know if you run into any bugs or suggestions

-I'd like to thank Tuddywutwut and his original mod Skittles which inspired me to make this mod.