Spoilers: Resident Evil 7’s upcoming Not A Hero DLC will star an iconic character

The best example of fan service.

Resident Evil 7's free DLC titled Not A Hero was announced earlier this month, but Capcom didn't give much info regarding the DLC. While the company is still remaining hush-hush on the DLC, those who stay until the end of the credits of Resident Evil 7 will learn who star in the DLC.

For the sake of MAJOR SPOILERS, do not go beyond the image of the woman in the wheelchair below if you haven't completed Resident Evil 7. If you don't care about spoilers, feel free to venture down below! I'll say it once more just to be clear. The rest of this article will spoil the very end of Resident Evil 7, specifically the last five minutes of the game.


Spoilers: Resident Evil 7's upcoming Not A Hero DLC will star an iconic character

Are they gone?

No seriously, leave now if you haven't beaten the game.

Gone? Ok, good.

At the end of Resident Evil 7, your character is saved by none other than the legend himself, Chris Redfield. Although his appearance is brief, it has spawned many questions! For instance, when Chris arrives he rappels down from a chopper with the Umbrella Corps logo on it. If you know anything about Resident Evil, you know that Umbrella is the evil corporation that shut down after Code Veronica. So, are they back now and why is Chris Redfield with them?

It seems these questions may be answered in the Not A Hero DLC! Once the credits for the main game finish, an image showing Chris Redfield wielding a handgun appears with the words Not A Hero sprawled across the screen! It seems we will be playing as the iconic character this spring, but the story of the DLC remains a mystery.

Will it stick to the terrifying horror that Resident Evil 7 does so well or will it be more action-centric? We will find out when Not A Hero releases for free this spring.