Spider-Man: Miles Morales shows boss fight, stealth and Spider Cat

Make a beeline for this feline

Game Informer’s exclusive coverage of Spider-Man: Miles Morales continues. While short, new gameplay snippets shows various character and mechanics in all its glory. We already knew that the friendly neighborhood spider’s long-standing antagonist Rhino and Peter Parker himself would be in the game, and now we get to see him in action.

This takes places fairly early-on so it shouldn’t be that big of a spoiler. It’s a great starting point since we not only see the unstoppable giant, but we fight him together with Peter Parker. Two times the Spidey!

Boss fights are without a doubt a highlight of these games but the bulk of the time Miles goes against regular goons. Well, as regular as these souped up ones are. Befitting the Spider-Man’s talent of agility and crawling, the combat & stealth gameplay shows exactly that.

In a surprise twist of events, the clip that stole the hearts of gamers is about a cute new companion. What starts out as a seemingly regular side mission, helping retrieve a store owner’s cat evolves into a hilarious reveal. The cat you save becomes Spider Cat!

You might not have heard of that Spider Cat before, but he is an actual character in the Spider-Man comics. He even sports an adorable costume of his own and helps fight you with some sick combos. Check him out in action here!

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is arguably the biggest launch title for the upcoming PlayStation 5. And that’s despite the game also launching on the PS4. But hey, it’s the PS5 version that will truly shine thanks to its sheer horsepower. 4K and 60fps are confirmed for next-gen already!