Spider-Man: Homecoming cast sheet leaks; Adds more villains

A sheet like this could easily be faked!

It appears as though a casting sheet for Spiderman: Homecoming has leaked, revealing the roles of a number of actors who have yet to have their role in the upcoming film revealed. A Reddit thread has kept the now deleted image alive.

The sheet came from an insider who has leaked set photos for Homecoming in the past and is considered reliable.

In the casting sheet (below), you'll see that Zendaya (Z) is listed as 'Michelle.' It's possible that Michelle was a cover name to keep the fact that she would be playing Mary Jane Watson under wraps.


According to the leaked "cast sheet," Jacob Batalon (J.B.) is playing Ned Leeds, which is the guy that becomes Hobgoblin. Bokeem Woodbine (B.W.) will be The Shocker and Laurie Harrier (L.H.) is play Liz Allan, who later becomes Flash Thompsons girlfriend and then marries Harry Osborne (in the comics).

Angourie Rice is Betty Brandt, who works at the Daily Bugle. In the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, Brandt was played by Elizabeth Banks.

What is most interesting is the inclusion of "Cindy," who very well could be Cindy Moon, the superheroine behind Silk.

Note: Leaks and rumors are easy to fake! Take everything with salt.