Spider-Man confirmed for Marvel’s Avengers; PlayStation exclusive

Yes, it’s true. The wall-crawler is officially coming to Marvel’s Avengers but there’s a catch: He’s exclusive to PlayStation. Spider-Man will be added to the roster of Marvel’s Avengers in early 2021 for no extra cost.

Sadly, it won’t be Insomniac’s Peter Parker. This appears to be a new Spider-Man specifically designed for this universe, which is a bit confusing since The Avengers are already in that universe. In a press release, Crystal Dynamics notes this is a fresh but familiar version of the webhead with a look inspired by Steve Ditko, John Romita Sr., and a bunch of other artists.

Developer Crystal Dynamics notes they’re paying special attention to ensure Spider-Man feels the way he should in combat.

“When he’s arcing through the air on his web line, we want you to feel graceful and light, and be able to utilize a variety of web configurations and gadgets to enhance your traversal. Spider-Man’s impressive acrobatic abilities will complement the experience, allowing you to seamlessly transition from navigation to combat,” says Jeff Adams, Associate Art Director at Crystal Dynamics.

Spidey will also have access to a host of new tech, suits, upgrades, and skills courtesy of the access provided by The Avengers’ resources.

“When Spider-Man takes on evil-doers, he’ll do so fluidly with his signature flair; but also, with the enhanced customization options we’ve created for Marvel’s Avengers.  Just like our other heroes, you’ll get to use the unique skill trees Vince and his team have designed to specialize how your Spider-Man plays in our world. An impressive suite of iconic abilities and attacks will be at your disposal, and you get to decide which gadgets and skills you wish to upgrade. These enhancements will be necessary for him to take on the threats coming his way.”

When Peter Parker gets added to the game, there will be a special in-game event to welcome him to the universe. Marvel’s Avengers releases this September with a next-gen port coming in the future. A beta is scheduled for PS4 this week.